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The galette is made from fermented butter grown in the wilds of Okoppe City, Hokkaido. The butter is produced from dairy cows raised on grass without the use of chemical fertilisers and is characterised by its fresh richness and aroma. The flavour is enhanced by Guerande salt, which has passed the strict requirements of the French organic farming organisation. Other products include flavourful Japanese certified organic black sesame cookies, soft and gently fragrant pesticide-free coconut, and chocolate with organic chocolate chips and cocoa nibs for a delightful texture.

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Product details

Shelf life: 20 days from date of manufacture.

Contents: 3 galettes, 10 sesame sablé, 5 chocolate chip, 6 coconut.
Product size: 120 mm x 120 mm x 70 mm, approx. 572 g
Storage method: keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Note: Please consume as soon as possible after opening.


  • Galette:butter, flour, sugar, eggs, rum
  • Sesame sable:flour, butter, sugar, black sesame seeds (non-genetically modified), eggs, rice oil, almond pudding, salt
  • Choco chip:flour, butter, sugar, cocoa, cocoa
  • Sable coco:flour, butter, sugar, coconut

Allergen specified ingredients: wheat, eggs, milk ingredients.

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